Get insights from all your support calls

Use AI to analyze what your customers are talking about

Get 5x better insights, in 5% of the time

How it works

Step 1

Describe a questions guide for user calls. eg: Guide name: Lawyer User Interviews. Questions: What is the top problem they face in arguing?

Step 2

Import all calls (from Google Meet, Zoom, Fireflies, Microsoft Teams) of you asking users these questions

Step 3

Within minutes, AI tells you patterns in what users' answers and search and understand trends in this - to make a report

Talking to users only makes sense if you "listen" to users

Before Recontact

Spend hours listening to call transcripts, make affinity diagrams, spend HOURS to understand customers' need 😥

After Recontact

  1. AI analyzes patterns from all your calls

  2. AI Generates detailed docs

  3. Search and revisit calls

  4. Study insights across 100s of users

    All, within MINUTES ⚡️


1. Maintain question guides

Create and maintain guides of questions that you want to track across user calls

2. Convert user calls into well-formatted documents, not just summary

Import/Uploads calls with users from Google Meet, Teams, Zoom & have AI process it into docs

View bulk processing >

3. Understand customer pain points across 100s of customer feedback calls

Our AI collates data from 100s of user calls & helps understand their intent and compare it across calls

4. Identify trends in what users are saying

Automatically track things that multiple users are talking about, in calls

5. Search everything with proper citations

AI that answers and cites the exact point in time when a user said that in a call.

Best suited for

Early Stage Founders

Helping founders analyze user interviews to validate startup ideas quickly.

How to get user interviews >

User Research Teams

Analyze patterns in user interviews during qualitative research, product discovery and usability testing.

Customer support teams

Aiding customer support teams search, analyze and learn from 1000s of customer support conversations.

Experience AI processing for videos at scale

Here's an example app we built with Recontact in 1 day -
"AI Search for 10+ years of YC Videos" - to help founders leverage this wisdom well,

Go from ANY startup related query to answer in 1 min

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