Audit loan recovery calls,
in 60% less cost

Use gen AI to analyze calls for compliance, agent performance and customer insights

How it works

Step 1

Import all your calls from your recording software (eg: Exxotel, Zoominfo, Dialpad, Kaleyra)

Step 2

Write a call script for your agents to see how much they follow it

Step 3

Within minutes, AI audits all calls and gives searchable insights about agent behavior, compliance and customers.


1. Automatically detect violations

Automatically detect process and critical errors from calls, such as "abuse detection"

2. Track agent performance

Our AI collates data from 1000s of customer calls & helps understand agent performance.

3. Analyze every call

We analyze every call and suggest areas of improvement for every agent.

4. Search everything with proper citations

Search across 10000s of recordings in seconds, across multiple languages.


Integrates with all your call center software

Coming Soon - AI Voice Agents

Train custom AI agents that call customers anytime, in any language, to help with anything

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